In the year 2003, the blackout in the Northeast affected nearly 40 million people in the United States. On the contrary, there were the individuals who used alternative sources of energy like the solar panels to benefit from the off-grid system. So, in a way, the alternative sources of energy allowed individuals to enjoy a continuous and uninterrupted source of energy. As a result, no food went bad and no sweating inside the home. Not only one can have an ongoing power supply but also the person can save hundreds of dollars on energy bills monthly.

Electricity Department

If you are creating more energy than what you consume, you are liable to get the benefit from your electricity department. So, the government will pay you rather than charging anything for the power supply.

Solar power is a renewable power which is green. It does not emit any harmful carbon dioxide, and thus, there is no carbon footprint. Installation of solar panel system is the right step we are taking towards our environment.

Not only we are saving money on the energy cost, but also we are trying to be eco-friendly. If you use a solar panel in your home for one year, you are saving 3000 pounds of carbon dioxide.

This clean and green solar technology will be the main core of industrial revolution. The use of the solar panel system drastically brings down the electricity cost and thus it is chosen widely.

Government Solar Rebates

If you reside in New Jersey and qualify for Government solar program, you will save huge on the installation cost of the off-grid solar panel system. There is no need to spend money on installing off grid solar panels or installing grids. Now you can qualify for Government solar rebates, grants, and subsidies.

The Initiative By The Government To Reduce Carbon Footprint

As already stated, solar power is a green and renewable power which does not harm our environment in any way.

State government and Federal government are involved in offering incentives to offset the various initial expenses relating to the installation of solar panels.

Those, who install solar panels in their abodes, are eligible for various tax rebates and solar energy tax credit.

Nearly 50% US states offer solar energy rebate under the Government scheme. On the other hand, if one creates extra electricity using solar panels and is being attached to the grid, it will be paid by the government. Net metering is also allowed in most of the US states where they help in accounting for electricity production from solar energy system. Some of the most frequently and often used options are reversible meter and single meter. Since the solar power system helps to produce electricity, the kilowatt meets up on-the-site electricity demand. Any electricity which is excessive is fed to the grid, and then the meter is turned backward. At the end of the metering phase, the homeowner is given the benefit of producing extra kilowatt.

The Benefit Of Electricity Storage

If any excess electricity is generated through the solar panels, it can be stored to be used on overcast days. This excess power is stored in the battery units and may be used on the days when there is no sun. If the solar panel system is standalone, it can be charged for the entire night with the help of surplus electricity. Whether or not the battery can be used with the solar cells, it is determined by the lifecycle of the battery. To produce energy and to generate electricity, solar panels will be required. It is comprised of one or multiple solar cells. When the sunlight falls upon the solar cells, they take in the particles of light or the photons. Now, each of the photons comprises of power which gets soaked up to release an electron in the solar cell. By using this very technique, the solar cells tend to generate electricity. This electricity is immediately stored in the battery for consumption.

Solar Credit Subsidy Provided By The Government

Now you can take full advantage of solar power system subsidies and rebates to remove the hassle and take the fullest advantage. There are various ways of taking advantage of government rebates and incentives. If you are eligible for solar power credits, you will save a lot of money. The solar credits will be automatically deducted from the final amount to help you save money. But, the solar power credit relies on the area where you stay and the installation of solar panels. Within the solar panel installation, there is the use of small scale renewable energy generator to bring about the savings. You are eligible for the credit only when you have the consent of the body corporate.

Small Business Solar Incentive

If you are an environmentally conscious small business who is looking to save on the energy bills or operational costs, you may implement various strategies to reduce the impact of greenhouse gas. Install the solar panel system to make this happen. Use renewable energy source to slash the power bills. The USA government offers rebates and additional incentives to boost the uptake of solar power by commercial enterprises and businesses. The government is announcing that small businesses with an average turnover of less than $2 million can claim a tax deduction if they purchase solar panels for business units. But, before you buy any solar panel system, it is good to get in touch with your accountant.

There are various ways of cutting the energy cost. You can use solar hot water or the heat pump system to slash the power bill and to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas. The government offers a lot of financial support to the ones who adopt this green technology.